Surrender: Easy to talk About - Harder to Practice

Over the past few days I have been asked multiple times what my dreams are, and what I hope my future will look like. Each time I am asked, I always give a list of my plans, of the things that I am doing right now and hope to do in the future, but, if I’m being honest…

I have no idea what my future holds. Do you ever feel that way?

I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s a beautiful thing.

“SAYYYY WHATTT?” I can hear y’all say. “You’re content with having no idea what you want to do with the future?”

Yes. I am. Let me explain why.

Proverbs 19:21 (NAB) says it perfectly: “Many are the plans of the human heart, but it is the decision of the LORD that endures.”

I can make my plans (and I have done so). I can work towards a future (and I am doing so). Ultimately, however, if my plans are not what Jesus has planned for me, I have to be okay with that (still working on that).

It’s all about free and total surrender.

Now, when I say surrender, I’m not talking about the “you’ve defeated me in battle so let me surrender so you don’t kill me” type.  I’m not talking about the “I’m not gonna do anything because eventually God will bring something my way.”

When I say free and total surrender, I’m referring to a mindset a little bit more like this: “Lord, this life you’ve given me has never been my own. You know well the plans You have for me. I have plans and I’m doing things to reach goals, but if the goals I have don’t match what You have in store for me, please help me to be okay with the twists and turns that I will face. I freely give up what I have desired because I know Your designs are so much better than anything I could create.”

I’m talking about the type of surrender in which if I have plans and God asks me to go a different direction, I am able to lovingly say, “I am your handmaid; do unto me according to thy word.”

Like I said before, my life has never been my own. Your life has never been your own. We belong to God.  That’s never going to change. He loves us too much to cast us away, even when we sin. He will never leave us orphaned (John 14:18).

That’s why He gave us the Sacraments. So we can always run back to Him and receive the grace He desires to give to us.

How do we do this though?

We need to let go of our desires. These desires aren’t bad, per say, but we need to talk to God, and to follow His will. It isn’t enough to say, “Ugh, okay God, I’ll do what you want,” and then complain about doing what He has asked you to do. It’s about unifying your will to God’s Will. Once you want what God wants, it will become easier (please note that I didn’t say easy) to let Him have His way. You will desire what He desires. And then, you are free to totally surrender to His Will.

It sounds complicated, but really, all you have to do is have the humility to step back. St. Mother Teresa said “…You cannot love unless you have humility, and you cannot be humble unless you love.” Love God. Be humble. Surrender your desires. Offer them to Him.

Why put it off?


IAMWE is a twenty-one year old New Hampshire native who is fiercely in love with the Lord, intentional conversations, Mama Teresa, and all things coffee and tea. She strives to find joy everything - especially the little things in life. If she's not at work or in class, you can usually find this cheerful INFJ reading a book, playing guitar, hanging out at a coffee shop or a library, or going on spontaneous adventures with any of her 7 siblings. If you want to follow her blog posts, check out her personal blog: