My One Word

We are only ten days into January, meaning New Year's Resolutions are in full swing. Calories are being counted. Scales have been dusted off. Well, except in our house. Every year I attempt to make New Year’s Resolutions, but always fail to keep them within the first few days (or even hours) of the new year. It is already January 10 so I know whatever resolution I would have made in the past would have been long forgotten/ditched/crossed off the list by now.

This year I decided to change things up a bit. I decided NOT to make specific resolutions. No bullet list. No elaborate ideas jotted down on a piece of scratch paper. No high standard to try to reach in the first month and definitely no guilty feelings about falling short for the next eleven months. This year I decided to choose something a little less intimidating: a word, one word, to represent my whole year and be the "theme song" of 2017. I wanted an alternative to setting strict goals, but still have a strong motivator to push myself into becoming the person I strive to be.

I challenge you to pick a word for 2017 - something to motivate and challenge you into becoming the person God wants you to be.

Are you having trouble coming up with one word? Think of things you struggled with in 2016 and want to resolve in 2017. Are you quick to anger? Maybe your word is calm or untroubled. Are you easily envious or jealous? Choose confident. Are you prone to spew unkind words about others? Try kindness instead.

Choosing a word to transform a weakness into a virtue is the cornerstone of this challenge. For a few years, my relationships with others have felt off-balance, desperately needing some tender loving care. Back story: I am married and have two babies under the age of 3 at home. I constantly feel pulled in many directions and unable to meet the needs of everybody who is relying on me. After feeling inadequate for so long, I chose the word NURTURE. This year I will look after my relationship with my babies, making sure my FULL attention is on them. I will tend to my relationship with my husband, making sure I am his supporter and number one cheerleader. I will be intentional with my friends and initiate conversations... or even just text back when they text me.

My advice is to keep your word in a place you see often. For some of you, this may be on your nightstand, taped on your bathroom mirror, as the wallpaper on your phone. Put it in a place that you look at often, but where it won’t be overlooked. Have fun with this! It is not something to stress you out, or make you feel guilty. This is about YOUR growth, being reflective. It is not about meeting goals and deadlines.

So what’s your word?

P.S. Another great New Year’s tradition is choosing a specific Saint to ask for prayers during the year. I stumbled upon, created by Jennifer Fulweiler, and generated a random Saint for myself. After a few second of prayer I pushed the button and and St. Hilary appeared - the patron Saint of mothers, children learning to walk, and sick people (my family had the flu when I generated my Saint, so I believe my Saint is perfect for me.)

For inspiration, or for more information, visit Use #oneword365, #saintnamegenerator, and #corjesulv when sharing your word on Facebook and Instagram!


Sarah Rennie is an on-fire revert, Las Vegas native, wife, and mama to a toddler boy, a sweet baby girl, and a little saint in Heaven. When she’s not chasing her littles around the house, she enjoys hoarding books, reading a good blog, and living liturgically. You can connect with Sarah here.